Demi Moore on working with Tim

The starting point for our collaboration was finding the story that we each were going to tell through our individual participation. Our story had a reference image of a Klimt painting but that was more a grounding of our shared feelings of what we wanted these images to express, a launching off point from which to play. The photographs themselves were beautiful simple stripped down vulnerable and raw. Lovely on their own, but for Tim they were merely the first layer in an ever evolving exploration. The foundation we created was solid and never changed. The core feeling within each image stayed true to our initial intention but each different fabric told a different story and showed different aspects, almost like bringing forward what lies hidden underneath . I like to think of this as "not everything being what it seems"....because like in life there is always much much more to be discovered and you never know what you might find!    The fun in this process is the discovery, and when an image and fabric align to tell the right story it is magic!


Demi Moore 2015