Beth Rudin Dewoody on sending Tim Hailand to Giverny residency

Several years ago, in what was to be my last year of sending artists to Giverny for the residency sponsored by the Versailles / Giverny Foundation, I sent Tim Hailand as my artist. Besides doing a series of photo books with artist and celebrities, he started a series of photographs printed directly on interesting patterned fabrics. I was sure that the gorgeous garden that Monet lived in and painted would be a great inspiration to him as it had for the other artists I sent: Mickalene Thomas, EV Day, and Mark Fox among others. Little did I know that he would be inspired more from the insidethan the outside, using the toile de Jouy fabric as his background. The results are spectacular!!!!!

Beth Rudin Dewoody 2015

Jim Hodges on Hailand toile works

..Fantasy and play are both present in these creations....the artist is drawn to beauty, a kind of distancing beauty associated with fame and & perfection; that isolates us from it. Never do we occupy the seat of the voyeur more than when in the presence of ideal human beauty especially when it is glazed in fame....what does it mean to veil these bodies, to embed them in a field of bucolic idealism, tattooing them and at times disrupting the beauty to the point of overpowering it...a wrestling match between subject and ground...the threshold to the endless possibility of casual and playful juxtaposition...a conjured world that finally liberates these isolated subjects from the prison of Mt. Olympus and drops them into a world integrated and animated by fantasy, where beauty is relegated to the service of play and imagination....

Jim Hodges 2015

Demi Moore on working with Tim

The starting point for our collaboration was finding the story that we each were going to tell through our individual participation. Our story had a reference image of a Klimt painting but that was more a grounding of our shared feelings of what we wanted these images to express, a launching off point from which to play. The photographs themselves were beautiful simple stripped down vulnerable and raw. Lovely on their own, but for Tim they were merely the first layer in an ever evolving exploration. The foundation we created was solid and never changed. The core feeling within each image stayed true to our initial intention but each different fabric told a different story and showed different aspects, almost like bringing forward what lies hidden underneath . I like to think of this as "not everything being what it seems"....because like in life there is always much much more to be discovered and you never know what you might find!    The fun in this process is the discovery, and when an image and fabric align to tell the right story it is magic!


Demi Moore 2015

Peter Marino on working with Tim

Tim's work for Dior Tokyo was for me a perfect artist/architect collaboration.  His artwork, on all surfaces of the room, provides the viewer with a total, surrounding immersion in the iconic Dior toile de Jouy overlapping very glamourous women's faces. I am also a collector of his toile de Jouy prints over male gymnasts.  I find the contrast of the soft French textile with the rigid musculature of the gymnasts very, very beautiful.

Peter Marino 2015