Tim Hailand was commissioned the fall of 2014 by Peter Marino to create this permanent installation for the perfume room of the Dior flagship store in Tokyo Omotasando. Being that all of Tim's toile de Jouy photographic work was inspired and informed by an interior environment, he always had the idea of creating a toile de Jouy room lined room, which would then be over layed with site-specific images printed on the same toile pattern. He modified this idea when working with Peter Marino, and instead printed one large photographic image on each wall of the grey Chinoiserie toile de Jouy fabric, this was then stretched around LED panels which enabled the whole room to be backlit. The room also incorporates 2 large inset mirrors, with the photographic image etched into the mirror from behind - further extending the notion of a complete photographic environment.

Peter says of their working together:

"Tim's work for Dior Tokyo was for me a perfect artist/architect collaboration.  His artwork, on all surfaces of the room, provides the viewer with a total, surrounding immersion in the iconic Dior toile de Jouy overlapping very glamourous women's faces. I am also a collector of his toile de Jouy prints over male gymnasts.  I find the contrast of the soft French textile with the rigid musculature of the gymnasts very, very beautiful."

- Peter Marino 2015